Linda's Favorite Healers

Reiki Practice

Jon's reiki sessions activate the bodies subtle energy systems to remove blockages, stimulating the body's natural ability to heal itself, balancing mental and emotional energies.

Reach out to Jon by phone to set up your donation or offering based session.

Learn more about the benefits of Reiki here.


Practical & Sound Healing

Nikki believes in the goodness in all. Nikki believes each of us is able to hold and experience peace in our hearts, peace in our minds, and peace in our bodies. Nikki believes each of us can attain balance within, consciously merging with our soul’s evolution in full awareness, so as to reflect that balance in the world around us. As above, so below. As within, so without.


Nikki has been practicing healing arts and various healing modalities including shamanic healing, plant medicine, crystal healing, sound healing, qigong, color theory and art therapy for over twenty-five years. She is the facilitator and sole proprietor of Hands of Triquetra, an energy healing practice that works in co-creation with the individual seeking healing and Source energy that intends to reactivate, reform, and transfigure the bodies through an alchemical synthesis of flower essence therapy, sound healing, and energy balancing that may include Elemental healing therapy, HGS sessions, qigong, and crystal/gemstone therapy.


Nikki is an active Registered Nurse in her community of Grand Junction, Colorado, with experiences in nursing in the areas of medical-surgical, labor and delivery, psychiatric, hospice, long-term and memory care, correctional and clinic nursing. Nikki facilitates energy healing with Sound and Light along the broad spectrum of frequencies, vibrations, and dimensions between the energetic-ethereal body, through the emotional, mental, and physical bodies. As an energy practitioner Nikki clears and fine-tunes an individual for reconnection and reactivation, reformation, balance, and transfiguration of the bodies into a unified field of wholeness. Visit to schedule a session with Nikki. 

* First Session Free *