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200 hour 

Yoga Teacher Training


Who is Yoga Teacher Training for?

Having a desire to teach yoga is only a percentage in the scope of a Yoga Teacher Training. 

The many facets in a training lead to so much more than becoming a teacher of groups and private sessions. Embarking on a teacher training journey (specifically this one due to it's added nature of self growth & self enhancement) you become educated on teaching the Teacher in You!

This fact is an automatic level in our teacher training one achieves; yet doesn't mandate you teach yoga post program. The apex of it all is that you will be quipped with a myriad of tools to teach, to hold space, to grow, to be to transform, to shine.

However these tools will look to you, you will not exit the program the way you entered.

You will exit being more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Yoga Teacher Training & Certification for you?

A: Yes! If you hold a desire for personal growth on any level.

Q: Do I need to be fit, flexible, and host a consistent yoga practice?

A: No! To first gain flexibility for yoga is an overstated and exhausted myth. The practice of yoga requires only the "willingness!" 

Flexibility, discipline, consistency, etc. will all come in time; as everything does. Consider the individual who places the foot behind their head had to be a beginner also, had to be inflexible first.

An avid yoga practice is not a determining factor as to whether you are ready for "training." Your years of physical practice or lack thereof, does not draw conclusions in regards to your readiness. Step into the program "open wide" regardless of your experience level.

Q: What if I have knee injuries, hip replacements, chronic back pain, arthritis, or other private conditions or disorders?

A: Always consult your acting physician / doctor and mention you are enrolling into a Yoga Teacher Training program, along with the program's duration. We are most willing to accommodate as long as our team is previewed to such conditions, and that you're fully aware of our disclosure. We will aid in your success, to the best of our means. Recall, the physicality of yoga is part of the journey, but it's not the whole journey!

Continued points on Why & Who should partake on this inward travel

  • You'll not only impact yourself, you'll impact others.

  • Opportunities to sharpen your mental edges, thus increasing mental health. 

  • Develop a deeper level of understanding the practice; leading to higher grades of skills.

  • Cultivate lasting & meaningful relationships.

  • Great strides of growth - as you surpass comfort zones

  • An abundance of confidence as an individual in pursuit of more

  • A straight and eventual vision of being more than you though possible. 

  • Enables you to the next state, or next level in your life's process.

Teach or not to teach... just be in the moment. 

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