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Kolle Baca

Kolle’s classes are challenging, yet filled with a sense of being light-hearted. She uses creative sequencing and excellent verbal cues to keep her students present and engaged.


Kolle began her yogic journey and practice in the spring of 2006.  She has been teaching actively since August 2010 and holds the Yoga Alliance E-500 RYT credential.  Her primary focus is the discipline of Heated Vinyasa Flow. 


Vinyasa means “breath-synchronized movement,” and Vinyasa Flow yoga is a moving meditation, incorporating a series of poses that will move you through the natural power of inhaling and exhaling. Through challenging movement, flowing from one pose into another, students will enjoy an emphasis on the meditative quality of yoga by redirection of attention to the breath. This assists in reestablishing our natural state of “living-in-the-moment”.  From here, devoid of projecting into the future, and devoid of lamenting over the past, one finds PEACE within, even in the midst of chaos.


Kolle invites students to explore, experience and discover their Oneness will all through the discipline of yoga.  She welcomes students on the mat for physical, mental and spiritual healing, and a little yoga fun!

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