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Meet Jess, 200 hr RTY certified, student of Personal Training & Nutrition. 

Jess' fitness journey began when she was a little girl with a passion for gymnastics, cheerleading, and training in the gym. In 2019 Jess experienced a sense of feeling lost. She was a total burnout mentally, physically and spiritually. This low vibration lead her to her first yoga class. Four years later, Jess daringly stepped out of her comfort zone and entered into teacher training with the desire to build community and help others receive the benefits of physics activity while calming the mind.

Jess' goal is to empower each class through intention, breath, and challenge your physical and mental edge. Jess wants to share her heart with others and help each individual feel encouraged to drop their mask and lear the negative barriers on the mat, so she can help you show up as your true potential off the mat. 

Jessica Bishop

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