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Toren Wagner

Toren grew up in Florida, spent most of his adult life in California, and has only recently become a proud member of the Grand Junction community. He first started practicing yoga in 2012 while living in Los Angeles, CA. He kept active with soccer, tennis, hiking and beach volleyball, but was looking for another outlet to strengthen his body with less impact on the joints. Little did Toren know that while yoga is a great practice to build physical strength, it is also an important way to build mental strength and mindfulness. He was first introduced to yoga at a hot studio and now it's his favorite environment to practice in.


Toren completed his RYT 200 hour certification in early 2019, with an emphasis on a Baptiste influenced training. Though power flow yoga is a favorite flavor, he would also like to teach a Yin style yoga as well. Once upon a time, Toren taught ballroom dance and attributes a lot of who he is today to dance and yoga. His goal is to help spread his love of yoga to the world, as it is not only a great activity but a wonderful way of life.

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