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Kristina Downing

Kristina moved to the Grand Valley in 2010 for college and found yoga shortly thereafter. She was drawn to the practice for the spiritual, mind, and body connection. It was on her mat where she learned how to be still enough to hear her own inner truth. As she dedicated more time to her yoga practice, she realized that this inner stillness could be found even when she was off her mat, working with at-risk youth. When they would escalate, she found power in the shared breath and used co-regulation as a subtle grounding tool to help them de-escalate. This inspired her to deepen her practice, and she completed her Yin Yoga training in 2019 and her transformational 200 hour Baptiste Power Yoga training in 2020. 


Kristina’s approach to yoga remains ever focused on an inner journey of self-awareness that is shared through movement, breath, and community. She is committed to creating a safe space where everyone feels supported and has the opportunity to trust their own inner guidance by consciously moving energy through the body/mind together. Kristina continues to immerse herself in yoga workshops, loves to read, hike, and spend time with her son.

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