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Asja is a 500RYT and Certified Personal Trainer who has been teaching and practicing yoga for over 6 years. Asja was introduced to yoga when she was on her highschool powerlifting team in 2014. Yoga plays a big role in her testimony of becoming a 1st generation highschool and college graduate in her family. Yogic principles and practices helped her become aware of & break generational patterns, cycles, and unproductive habits. 


For Asja, it was more than asana, the physical aspect of yoga. She fell in love with the practice because of its mental, emotional, and spiritual integration. It was the sense of awareness, connection, and cultivation of inner joy that made Asja want to become a teacher. Because the practice inspired positive change in her own life, she wanted to help foster that in others.


Asja’s personal mission statement is to, “Be the Catalyst”—be the person that sparks positive change & transformation within individuals and communities. She believes that everyone has potential; potential to live a life full of joy & growth! Oftentimes, we simply need someone to speak a word of encouragement or help push us into action so we may grow into that potential. Teaching yoga is one of the many ways she aims to fulfill that personal mission and be the catalyst for those who come to her classes.


While Asja has experience in teaching Vinyasa, Power, Yin, & Restorative—her preferred style of teaching is aimed towards beginners & intermediate students. She thinks of herself as a lighthearted, playful, and warm teacher who wants people to leave her classes feeling good, empowered, and full of life!


Asja is from Monroe, Louisiana and recently moved to the Grand Junction in April of 2023. In her hometown, she taught community yoga classes, hosted personal growth workshops/events, youth mentorship camps, and more! She is eager to get plugged in & pour into the Valley she now calls home. 

Asja Jordan

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