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Erin Christie

Erin was first introduced to yoga over ten years ago as part of a therapy plan to combat anxiety, depression, and migraines. She quickly fell in love with the calming effect that yoga had on her mind and body. She received her teacher training here in Grand Junction at the Academy of Yoga in 2012 and is RYT200 certified with the Yoga Alliance.


Initially, Erin was not intending on becoming a yoga instructor. At the time she was a practicing attorney and took the training just to deepen her yoga practice and control the anxiety that comes with working in a law firm. In 2013 she was laid off and decided to begin teaching yoga rather than pursuing another legal job.


She has three years of experience in teaching specialized classes for chronic pain sufferers and classes focusing on alleviating symptoms caused by mental health disorders. She conducts weekly restorative yoga classes for chemotherapy patients at Grand Valley Oncology focusing on poses for stress relief, breathing exercises, and meditation. In addition, Erin is experienced in providing modifications for students recovering from injuries. Her love of outdoor activities has caused her to sustain a few injuries over the years, so she understands from personal experience how to safely modify poses to accommodate physical restrictions. 

She teaches yoga at Colorado Mesa University – both at the Hamilton Recreation Center and in the Kinesiology Department. She also teaches at Bookcliff Country Club and Fruita Yoga. Erin centers her personal yoga practice around the fluctuations of life, using it as a tool to relieve mental and physical ailments. This is the philosophy she brings to her students and classes as well. Erin wants her classes to feel like a community of support for her students – not only in their yoga practice, but in their lives - a space to cry, laugh, cuss, listen to dance music, and connect with each other.

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