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Elizabeth Fortushniak

Elizabeth moved to Grand Junction in 2004 to complete her bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science. She quickly fell in love with the natural environment that surrounded the Grand Valley and decided to stay. Fast forward to 2015, After being a stay at home mom for three highly spirited children for the past six years she found it difficult trying to re-enter the job market in her chosen field. She found herself taking any opportunity to escape to her yoga mat, go on long river paddles or trail runs. These breaks in the chaos of family life gave Elizabeth time to pause and reflect on her personal and family’s health, which at the time was deteriorating. Elizabeth knew she was the anchor that kept her family grounded and understood it was time for her to make some significant life changes. As a result, Elizabeth pursued and received her 200 RYT certification through the Academy of Yoga as well as a stand up paddle yoga and fitness certification through Paddle Into Fitness. She paired these with American Canoe Association and World Paddle Associations certifications to teach stand up paddle boarding. This culminated in the opening of Grand Junction Stand Up Paddle which opened its first kiosk in May 2017 and has been instructing lessons and stand up paddle yoga classes at various locations within the Grand Valley.


Elizabeth is a great listener not only to the people she meets but also to the natural surrounding environment. She has a calm, flowing and welcoming presence in the studio or on the paddle board. Elizabeth classes are intended to bring you into the state of being that is focused in the present moment. They are designed to challenge the body, balance your mind, body and soul. 

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