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Brock Martin

Brock is from Evanston, Wyoming. In Evanston, Brock grew up competing as one of the top divers in the state. Diving was his life. He discovered Grand Junction when he was recruited for the Swim and Dive team for CMU. He was a successful student athlete, placing 3rd at nationals his senior year. During his time in college, he tried yoga for the first time. He had heard of yoga and all the benefits that come with practicing it, but he wasn’t consistent with his practice, yet. He would get frustrated, but he kept coming back to it, especially after hard workouts with the swim team.  


Fast forward to New Years 2017, Brock made it his New Years resolution to practice yoga for 30 minutes a day, 30 days in a row. Yoga quickly started to build confidence that made him want more. He started practicing heated Vinyasa Yoga and fell in love with it even more. At first, yoga was all a physical practice for him, and he didn’t really understand the full breadth and depth of the practice. By coming to class, and discovering what each teacher has to offer, he soon realized that this practice is so much more than physical. It is a way of life.  


Brock’s goal as a yoga teacher is to provide space for all people to discover their full potential. To provide inspiration for what can be, from where they are now. Brock has taught yoga to teens at his work and to his nephews that are always begging to learn new shapes. It is Brock’s ultimate joy to share this practice with anyone willing to give it a try. Brock only wishes that he had found this practice sooner in life, as it has genuinely made him a stronger person; not only physically, but mentally and spiritually as well.  

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