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Jon Moved to the grand valley area 2 years ago to begin his studies in occupational therapy. During his undergraduate education Jon studied anthropology and religious studies, which helped him to understand different perspectives and worldviews. He has a passion for the esoteric and inner transformation and is currently committed to a path in mystic Christianity, which fits his quiet, contemplative temperament. 


Jon has a diverse work history including EMT experience and various positions in social services. Through these experiences Jon has gained a deep compassion for the suffering of others and a commitment to help people heal, and discover their fullest potential and joy in life.


Jon's journey with yoga began as a way to relieve back pain caused by his work as a carpenter and painter. Over time he discovered he was receiving more benefits from the practice than simply relief from his back pain. Intrigued by what he was learning by attending classes, and desiring more knowledge of yoga practice, he committed to a 3 month stint on the Sivananda yoga ashram as a karma yogi. During that time he completed his 200 hour TTC. After returning to the states he used his training to continue to develop his body, mind and spirit, while offering his service as a teacher whenever the opportunity arose, whether paid or unpaid. Jon uses many techniques and modalities in his creative endeavor to help people find ways to move through and beyond the obstacles they encounter along the journey of life and help people live into their true nature. 

Jon Dean

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