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Blakely Stephens

Blakely Stephens was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Although she grew up in the land of enchantment, Colorado always felt like home. Her family has roots in Western Colorado for over one hundred years so it was a natural place to put down roots. When her nuclear family moved to Palisade in 2011, it wasn’t long before she followed suit. Blakely has lived in the valley now for three years. She was first introduced to yoga as a young athlete. As a competitive swimmer and water polo player yoga was an incredible addition to a rigorous training schedule. At an early age she got a taste of what yoga can do for the body and mind. By eighteen years old, Blakely was ranked as one of the top thirty water polo players in the nation. However, she decided to swim for the University of New Mexico, an NCAA Division I program instead of pursuing water polo any further.


Because of her background in athletics she appreciates the physical challenge of Baptiste Yoga. Although Baptiste makes you sweat and transform your physical body, it is the transformation that happens internally that Blakely cherishes most. Blakely believes that yoga is a tool that ALL people have access to. It is a way in which we can access our internal strength and wisdom. Blakely believes that this practice has the power to reconnect us with our authenticity and ignite our souls. There no limits to what is possible in our bodies, our minds, and our hearts when we practice yoga consistently. Yoga teaches us to push beyond our biggest challenge, ourselves. Yoga is a gift to the community and the world. From the time she was a kid her mantra has always been, “love is all you need.” From a heart-centered place, it is Blakely’s intention to guide students back to their own personal power and create a space in which we can all see and be seen.

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