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Linda Jordan


Linda Jordan began dancing at the age of three. Every year her Mother would take her to see The Philadelphia Ballet Company and her only desire was to fly like the dancers on stage. This led to sixteen years of classical training at Philadelphia Civic Ballet Company and later at The College Conservatory of Music in Cincinnati. At 18 she began teaching Group Exercise and at 22 opened up her own dance studio. With choreographed routines she hired and trained Instructors for a year to open up Linda Jordan’s Exercise Studio. For 10 years this was her passion until she decided to travel on the road after losing her Mother to Lou Gehrig’s disease.


Landing in Grand Junction Linda worked as a massage therapist and as a Fitness Instructor for 8 years. When Gold’s Gym came to Grand Junction Linda was hired on as a Group Fitness Manager. It was there that she went back to her roots of hiring and training Instructors through the programs of Les Mills. It was during this time that Linda fell in love with Yoga. After seven years as a Manager she decided to leave the Gym Industry and fully submerse herself in the yogic lifestyle. After plenty of research, she realized that not all 200 hour trainings are the same and became passionate about this idea of “transformational trainings.” This led her to become a certified Baptiste instructor. Linda has also completed a 200hr training with Zeek Vincent in Z-Flow Power Yoga and is officially endorsed as a Z-Flow Instructor. From the start, she was hooked into not only changing her own life ‘off the mat’ but was inspired to be a living example for others to do the same. In 2016 she completed the Level III training at the Baptiste institute and in 2019 completed the Baptiste Institute's year long FIT to Lead Program. Also, through Baptiste she has completed an “Art of Assisting” and “Advanced Art of Assisting” training which have helped her to be a hands on teacher and a 1200hr certified Baptiste Influencer.


Linda created Half Moon to provide Grand Junction with a strong community of yoga instructors that are passionate about living what they teach and bringing their whole selves to their classes. Linda’s hope is that Half Moon will provide a space for inquiry and self discovery- a place where people will feel inspired to grow into who they always dreamed they could be. Let’s do this!

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