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Lindsey Lohr

Lindsey was first introduced to yoga as a university student in Texas through her university’s group fitness program. As someone who had never been a natural athlete, Lindsey was initially drawn to yoga as a non-competitive way to stay active and healthy. Ultimatey, she discovered yoga provided a welcoming, nonjudgmental environment to develop and grow both mentally and physically.

Lindsey has always loved learning and spent most of her life wanting to be a teacher. After graduating with a MA in Teaching English as  Foreign Language and working in the university environment, she realized that while her passion for learning and teaching had not diminished, that perhaps it needed a different outlet. Some of the most joyful periods of her life had been when she had been working with youth and young adults in an active mentoring environment, which led her to consider teaching yoga. Over the past few years Lindsey has discovered that teaching yoga allows her to combine two of her passions: being active and helping people learn and grow. She has been teaching yoga since early 2016 at Grand Valley Climbing and the Hamilton Recreation Center at Colorado Mesa University. 


When not teaching yoga, Lindsey can be found somewhere outside with her husband, Brett, playing boardgames with friends, or snuggling with her cats!

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