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Malena Kimmel Lay

Malena moved to Grand Junction in 2010 from Las Vegas, NV with her two sons, Preston and Cole. The move from the glittery city of Las Vegas to Grand Junction was challenging. In addition to the move, Malena experienced many dramatic life changes over the last few years. Malena found herself on her mat often and the lessons on the mat were life changing. As a result, Malena has attended Level I, Level II in Sedona and The Art of Assisting in Boulder. She is on her way to becoming a certified Baptiste Instructor in the upcoming year. Malena began teaching at Half Moon Yoga early this spring. As an instructor, Malena has found a love for teaching and assisting her students during practice, exploring new possibility in challenging the body through movement and exploring the release of tension, emotion, and trauma held in the physical vessel. As a dental hygienist, Malena has an understanding of the human body and understands how the little things effect the overall function, performance, and health of the whole being. Malena offers a fun, powerful asana that will challenge the body, free the mind, and feed the soul.


Malena enjoys spending time with her two sons, paddle boarding, connecting with family and friends over a beautiful glass of champagne, and all things summer in Colorado.


“My love for yoga has transformed my life, on and off the mat. My passion for teaching and assisting my students has been so incredibly fulfilling. Helping my students discover their power on the mat is the reason I’m obsessed with teaching. I love to share the life changing power of yoga and I’m honored to be a part of Team Half Moon”.

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