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Michaela Wacker

Michaela was born and raised in Grand Junction. After moving from the Grand Valley a handful of times she’s settled back into the community here, hoping to be a part of the excitement and growth happening. She co-owns a local coffee shop where she creates a safe space for anyone, and encourages people to get outside to enjoy the amazing natural beauty we are blessed with here on the Western Slope. When she’s not at her shop or the studio, she likes to cook, explore the outdoors, and relax with her dog. 

Michaela found Half Moon while navigating the many changes that come with being a young adult. She finally found both the physical and mental outlet she had been searching for, and the studio very quickly became a constant in her life. Her continued practice taught her how to move through life’s ups and downs with grace and trust, and hoped to teach others the same. Michaela completed her 200 RYT here at Half Moon back in 2020 and has looked to inspire others in similar ways that she was. 

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